The Plourd Family Quartet (PFQ)

Beyond the Billows
Arranged and Composed by Sarah E. Plourd
© Plourd Family Quartet 2007
Verse 1
On that lonely night in the sea, Peter saw Jesus coming toward him.
Then, he heard a voice saying, "Come to me," and he just obeyed him.
And he walked toward Him, and he looked at Him,
Then, he looked away to see a mighty wave rushing toward him,
And he cried, "Lord, save me!"

Step out in faith, look at His face,
Fear not, nor be afraid.
Be strong, be courageous.
Nothing can o'ertake you, if you're leaning on His grace.
And when the billows seem too strong,
And when deliv'rance takes too long,
Keep walking onward,
Look to God, for He is strong.

Verse 2
There's so many people looking to the world to meet their needs,
And they wonder why it's not working.
When they fight the waves of life's seas, they run and hide.
They scream for help, they live their life just terrified,
Because they don't look upward,
When they see the waves coming onward.

Last Updated April 1, 2009

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