The Plourd Family Quartet (PFQ)

He, Our Shepherd
Arranged and Composed by Sarah E. Plourd
© Plourd Family Quartet 2007
Verse 1
One day, I realized my sinful life.
I knelt down to pray.
I gave God my all.
I witnessed His call.
He still leads me day by day.

He watches His children.
He carries their burden.
He guides them along life's way.
He leads them by the hand
To the well watered land
And He feeds them day by day.

All through the night
They are always in His sight.
He constantly watches His own.
He stands by their side.
For their life He died -
He, our Shepherd, and we His own.

Verse 2
All we like sheep have gone astray.
We've all turned from God.
But, He sent us His love
Through His Son from above.
He still guides me through the steps that He's trod.

Verse 3
When we walk through the valley
And the lights all grow dim,
We should look at His face,
For He gives His grace,
For He'll take us home with Him.

Last Updated April 1, 2009

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