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PFQ Instrumentation

Last Updated June 5, 2012

PFQ’s instrumentation is mostly acoustic, that is, non-electronic, except for the portable piano/keyboard which in effect makes a normally “stringed” piano portable.  Instruments include:

InstrumentPlayer(s)Comments / History
RecorderStephenRecorder was Stephen's first instrument.   Only with the understanding that he would play Christian music would Dad allow him to move on to his next instrument - the banjo!
BanjoStephenBanjo was Stephen's second instrument.   He first learned technique on the recorder!   If you put a musical instrument in his hands, with enough time, he'll master it.
12-string classical guitarKeithGuitar was Keith's second instrument.   He first learned music theory and technique on the clarinet!   He plays his left-handed 12-string Takemine (Japanese) that's actually a converted, symmetric right-handed guitar.
MandolinStephenMandolin was Stephen's third instrument.
6-string classical guitarSarah, Keith, StephenSarah and Stephen learned guitar from Dad.   Sarah bought her Alvarez from a friend.
Harp (occasionally)SarahSarah found that playing the harp, except for finger technique, is very similar to playing the white notes on the keyboard.   She has practiced and used the harp for special effects, even with Stephen playing the keyboard.
Piano/KeyboardSarahThis is Sarah's instrument of joy and her first instrument.   When she was about nine years old, she began picking out melodies on a "take it out of our basement and it's yours" player piano (without the player engine!)   After three years of piano lessons that included instruction in composition, she now composes songs with deep messages.   She has taught many students in recent years.
DobroStephenStephen picked up the dobro just in 2012.   He's mastering it pretty well.
String bass (Homemade! – also known as the “Amazing Bass”)Keith, Stephen, SarahStephen found the instructions for construction over the Internet.   He and Dad put it together, but it was missing a 'D' string.   Green weed whacker cord came to the rescue!   (We always carry spare cord with us.)   The washtub still has the hardware store sticker that says, "Usage of this product for other than its intended purposes is not recommended."
TambourineGwendolynMrs. Plourd does not play an instrument, per se.   She uses the tambourine to embellish a few songs and to provide the "steam engine" effects in our TurnTable Tune.
VoiceAllThe Plourds, upon listening to other family groups with audio on the Internet, decided to pursue voice lessons.   It has made a marked difference in our presentation.
WashboardGwendolynThis instrument, not often used, allows Gwendolyn to provide percussion in some of our songs.
FluteJoelWe found out about Joel's experience with the flute first at his home.   (His brother, Samuel, plays the bagpipes!
FiddleAshleyNot only does she play the fiddle, she sings sweetly, too!   Her brother is a professional musician, too!

We bring our own sound system for amplification and mixing where needed, and we can connect to an existing public address system.

See a small sample repertoire.


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