The Plourd Family Quartet (PFQ)

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PFQ and its Members

Last Updated October 20, 2007

Keith (Dad – “Brave”)

Keith learned to play clarinet beginning in the 6th grade. He participated in the Glee Club in grade school and took guitar lessons in Junior High School. He later became "First Chair” in the Clarinet Section of the High School Band. In 1971 hecame a Christian after his first month in college studying to become an engineer. In 1979, he married Gwendolyn. He now participates with elders in providing Sunday messages and meeting meditations in the local church. He is also a Governor of the Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire (CHENH) and a Board Member of Cornerstone Policy Research (CPR) - a New Hampshire family non-profit associated with Focus on the Family.

Gwendolyn (Mom – “Pure”)

Gwendolyn became a Christian in 1974 through one of her friends in high school. In the late 80s and early 90s she was a soprano in a local church choir. In 1979 she married Keith. Early on she decided with Keith to be a stay-at-home Mom. Recently, she spoke at a ladies’ luncheon on God’s design for women.

Sarah (Daughter/Sister – “Princess”)

Sarah at the age of 9 started showing interest and skill on a no-cost piano we brought home. At the age of 14 she started taking piano lessons when she started demonstrating not only a skill but also a desire to play. Soon, with Stephen by her side, she began composing. She wishes she could combine her love for law with her love for music. (She actually composed a song intended to encourage Christians to get out and vote!) In 2004 she learned how to play guitar. During the summer of 2005, she produced her first meditative piano music CD.

Stephen (Son/Brother – “Crown”)

Stephen started learning to play recorder at a young age. His years of experience with this common instrument become apparent when you listen to his recordings. In 1998 he started pestering Mom and Dad with his interest in banjo. His parents relented and purchased his first banjo shortly thereafter, after the family moved to New Hampshire. (Stephen agreed he would emphasize playing hymns - tough to do with a banjo!) He is mostly self-taught and now teaches banjo students. He also has mastered a few other instruments, including the hammered dulcimer. With his sister Sarah, he, too, began composing. Now he wants to pursue raising beef. In 2005 Stephen bought a mandolin which, again, he learned to play on his own.

The Plourd Family Quartet (PFQ)

In the late 80s and through the 90s, the Plourd Family started visiting a Veterans Administration home in Southern Maryland to bring the residents a weekly bible study and song. When they moved to New Hampshire in 1999, they began music visits to nursing homes, particularly the SunBridge Nursing Home in Wolfeboro. The Plourd Family Quartet officially launched in late 2003. All of its members have an ear and skill for music. Be sure to see the Testimonials page.

As the young Plourd children matured, Mom and Dad were propelled into figuring out what to do with their children's musical abilities. The family's intimate and Christian home-schooled bent began to develop into a musical message founded on the Scriptures. Today, they present a vision of God's design for family - individual roles, their relationship to Christ, their relationships to each other, to their church and to the rest of the world. Through their many instruments, they bring classical piano, a cappella hymns, Jewish, Irish and Celtic melodies and (Stephen's favorite) timeless bluegrass. Enjoy hearing the $15 recorder like you never thought it could sound, the 6- and 12-string guitars, the banjo, the mandolin, the keyboard and much more. And, best of all, watch them have fun while they present a message in music you'll remember for a long time.


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