The Plourd Family Quartet (PFQ)

Shine Your Light
Arranged and Composed by Sarah E. Plourd
© Plourd Family Quartet 2007
Verse 1
What are you thinking?
What will you do that day?
What will my world be like?
Please, let me have a say.

You will determine my future.
You will make it oppressed or free.
Make your choice just keep in mind,
What you do or don't do will affect me.

Will I be able to pledge my allegiance to the land that I love?
Will it still be free, blessed from God above?
Will my children know marriage as it's meant to be?
Will their children have a chance outside the womb?
Look beyond what you can see
So something can be done soon.

You were meant to be
You've been sent to be
The salt, the light
To glow in the night
Evil will prevail
If good men fail to do something   (Just say something)
Just do what's right (Live what's right) - shine your light

Verse 2
One vote made Texas a state.
One vote made English our language.
Silence will not give good men a voice.
And sitting will not help men to stand.

Should public prayer be allowed in schools?
Or should the Ten Commandments stay in courts of law?
Faith without works is dead.
Will you show what you believe? Will you stand tall?
Will you stand tall?

Others have made a choice so we can choose.
They knew the price of freedom
They gave their lives for this day
What will you do, what will you say?

Judgment begins at the House of God.
We'll have to answer to our Lord someday.
Will He smile and say, "Well done,
You were faithful to My call Election Day?"

Last Updated April 1, 2009

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