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PFQ Testimonials

Last Updated October 20, 2007

"I can't believe how beautiful that sounds! That's just one of those inexpensive recorders!" - Denise

"Your music is no different than the professionals. I guess it's just that you're humble that more folks don't know about your music." - Paul

"I was at the Cornish Fair where your family performed this past weekend.   My mother, my friend, and I were all so impressed with your music that each of us bought your new CD.

First of all, I have to say that I absolutely love the music on the CD.   Although I admit that my favorites are the instrumentals, I loved every song on the disk.   I hope I don't embarrass you by saying that you are a very talented family.   I thoroughly enjoyed every piece all of you performed.   I love gospel music, and though I usually like hearing the standard gospel hymns, your original scores caught my attention.   Now, I'm not a particularly religious person, but I do have my beliefs, and your message was not lost on me.

Thank you for providing us with such beautiful music.   I look forward to seeing another CD out by you."

"Just wanted to thank you for coming to the Cornish Fair this year.   It was the first time that I've ever heard you sing, and I truly enjoyed it.   Just sorry you were on for only an hour.   Do hope you'll be able to come back again next year."

"I had been making arrangements for a group from Nashville to come to our church, when a couple from the church approached me enthusiastically saying, 'You've got to get the Plourd Family Quartet to come to our church.'   I heard your CD and decided to give you a call."   (A Pastor from Maine)   "Nashville has got nothing on you!"   (The Couple)

"Thank you for your delightful excellence!"

"Fortunately, we have folks like your family to remind us of what a good music ministry is supposed to look like. Keep up the good work and we're praying that the Lord will bless your ministry and keep you guys together for His glory and honor."

"Well it has been five days since I saw you perform at MRBC and I am still in awe about how good you all are. Fantastic voices/harmonizing and very versatile with the instruments. I bet that, through Him, you touch people everywhere you go. What a great life."

"It was pleasure being able to put together an article about the PFQ. As you might have realized, in my mind the 8th was going to come and go in a flash and the opportunity to see you would be gone. Your testimonies, however, are always fresh and useful to our readers for an unknown period of time."

"So thank you again for the opportunity!"

"I would love to see the quartet go on forever. God bless you in the days ahead. I'll be praying for you all."

"What an [immense] pleasure it was for our whole family to be in your presence and to be ministered to by your wonderful music and testimony. I heard nothing but favorable comments and appreciation for all your music and participation during our special week end. Thank you so much for all your efforts in travelling, setting up, performing, and putting up with all the confusion and co[m]motion. May the Lord bless you richly. We are so blessed to know you all as our dear friends."

"I have greatly enjoyed y'alls website...not to mention your music!"

"I really appreciate your dedication to the Lord and His Kingdom through your music. It's hard to find well done music with a valuable message. It adds so much for you to be able to play so many genres can reach a much larger audience."

"I appreciate a lot of your beliefs. I read your statement of faith and your message page. It is so nice to see them displayed as a part of your music...more like, the reason for your music."

"A huge thanks to you, your lovely wife, Stephen and Sara[h]. What an incredible blessing you were at the convention. I will try to spead the wor[d] among my contacts concerning your wonderful and uplifting music ministry."

"The Lord richly bless you! Your family was an absolute blessing from the Lord. It is evident that you have raised your children in the fear and admonishment of the Lord. The fruit of your lives and ministry I know shined and blessed all those present. Keep pressing on my friend and remember the battle belongs to the Lord."

"Today at Church we heard great comments of how God is using you all in such a Special way..Hope to hear you all again real soon.."

"What a blessing you and your family were to us last night..We could feel the anointing that was there from the very beginning and Pastor Brown and Pastor Anthony were really taken with your presentation. He said again this morning that he would like to have you all come back."

"hey plourd fam! you guys are absolutely amazing! your devotion to god and your love for his people truly paints a beautiful picture of god and his love for his children, us!! i was at the cheNH convention last friday, april 13th and i was blessed by your performance! keep up the good work guys! you do more than you know! thank you so much! im looking forward to seeing your family soon!"

"We had several visitors on Sunday night. One I had talked to ... said afterward that "they" had something he wanted and he didn't have. That is awesome and will be followed up."

"I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated having you come again! It has encouraged Rebekah to play more of the piano. Thanks to Sarah, Rebekah might be playing a song for the church as a couple of us sing."

"Hello Plourd Family !!
We received your CD, Home Grown, yesterday and got a chance to listen to it today. What a blessing to have had a very small part in your inspirational ministry !!
It is neat to have heard so many of the songs and arrangements the few times we have been at your venues. My complements to Sarah for her wonderful piano arrangements and to Stephen for his great work on the banjo and mandolin. I love the original compositions and the arrangements of the familiar. I particularly liked the song about family unity - and I could hear all of your voices !
We will certainly be using the tracks when we announce any of your upcoming concerts, etc. Please keep us advised.
Keith, I think those voice lessons paid off !!
Blessings to you all --"

"Just wanted to thank you again and say how impressed we were with your family and your music. The senior citizens really enjoyed you also. I will be meeting with [our pastor] soon and hopefully we can arrange a concert at [our church]. . . Take care and God Bless you All Real Good!!"

“Keith - it was nice to meet your banjo playing son Thursday. Where do you guys live? I'd love to get to know you and your family better - perhaps we can plan some "hospitality" one of these days."

“Received the CD's and we are enjoying them tremendously.”

“Please tell your son and the rest of your family I thought you guys preformed greatly.  Normally I do not like that style of music but I enjoyed it allot while you were doing it.  Tells you guys got a lot of talent running within you.  May God bless you and may your days be many ^_^”

“I just heard from my pastor and he said that you folks had been at Grace Baptist in East Rochester and some friends of theirs said how much you were enjoyed there and had given them a demo of yours to listen to.”

“Thank you very much for playing at my father's party yesterday.  The music was very nice, and we all appreciated it very much.”

“I enjoyed meeting you and your family at the CHENH Convention this weekend. It was very thoughtful of you to share your background with me and how you moved here to New Hampshire around the same time we did 5 years the table where I purchased your daughter’s CD.”

“As I write this, we are both enjoying your family's gift of music.  Be certain that we will pass the CD on . . .”

“I can see that I need to spend more time with my children . . .”

“Thank you so much for your ministry Saturday night! . . . It was wonderful to spend the evening with a more experienced homeschooling family who is a little further down the road than we are. . . . So you ministered to us on many levels. We have been enjoying listening to your CD all week. . . . Thanks so much.”

“I have finished the December DVD of the Union Coffee House. Your performance was great. Your band has shown tremendous growth in the last year.”

“I recently listened to you[r] demos on you[r] website. The daughter, Sarah, showed it to me. I must admit[e] that she has the most beautiful and angelic voice I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of music. The flute [recorder] sections are also quite breath taking. God has gifted you with an amazing talent and it is so awesome to see you use it for His glory! Keep the faith!”

“I[t] was a great potluck party at the beach and I was delighted to meet some great new people. The Plourds' music was truly fantastic. Thanks so much to all of you.”

“[T]he CD is just great. Thanks so much - it's a blessing! . . . The recording quality is wonderful...unbelievably clear. What a pleasant surprise...I didn't even know you were finished recording it. It turned out great! :o) . . . Oh, I DO wish the Plourds could have come to the graduation party!"


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